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A Dash of Magic

Air cDMS Folder & Document Related-Lists

Salesforce is an amazingly powerful CRM, capable of turning you into a Sales Rockstar! But what about those Files & Attachments? They’re attached to your records and then soon forgotten, meanwhile your files continue changing throughout their lifecycle. From a new document to a minor revision, we are always updating our documents to win that big deal. Just like your records, the history of your files is important, and so is their long-term storage and retrieval.

Air Explorer

The only Shared Drive your Team Needs

Are you looking for that important contract or proposal to close the big deal? Or is the end of the year rapidly approaching and you want to review your Employee Performance Document before submitting it to your leader for review?

It can be difficult to find your important documents, or even track down the most current version. Shuffling through multiple browser windows, computer storage and shared drives can often be a painful experience.

With Air Explorer, you can secure & easily retrieve your important files in Drawers and Folders. What’s better is that Air cDMS makes it simple to create & manage multiple Vaults.

Protect your Documents & Files

Version Control, Retention Policies, Archival, Extended Security and more!

Chances are that your company and staff use multiple networks, shared drives, cloud drives and collaboration systems to get their tasks done. But the more sources of record and tools you have, the harder it is to locate, protect and manage them. Furthermore, the cost associated with managing these subscriptions can get out of hand quickly.

Not only does Air cDMS add “magic” to your Sales Cloud, it provides a robust Document Management System that can serve your entire enterprise.

Get Up & Running Fast

Our Wizards & Quick Starts will have you Flying!

Apps should be easy to install, understand, and should always come with recommended settings – at least that’s the way we see it!

Our Wizards will recommend the settings most appropriate for new users and allow you to change them at any point. We want every user to be delighted with Air cDMS, even the Administrators setting it up!

100% Salesforce Native

Air cDMS was written from the ground up exclusively for the Salesforce Platform. This ensures that your important files are secure, available, performant and easily configurable.

Air Explorer Navigation

Our Air Explorer Navigator Lightning Component makes it a breeze to organize & manage your important files in Drawers and Folders – even when they’re related to Accounts, Contacts, Leads & Opportunities!


Our Platform is seriously flexible! From changing our icons to creating your own templates & version rules, we built Air cDMS under the same principles as Salesforce – easily configurable and quick to users’ hands.

Editions & Add-ons

With features ranging from basic version management to full-scale legal compliance, we realize that one size does not fit all. With our simple Edition Subscription Models, you can choose the features that you need, and then add more as your requirements or usage expands.

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Sales Edition

$5 user/mo.

Create version-enabled Folders & Documents directly in Sales Cloud.

Team Edition

$15 user/mo.

Go beyond Sales Cloud records with Air Explorer & Off-Platform Archiving.

Business Edition

$35 user/mo.

Adds Vaults, Extended Security, Advanced Configuration & more.

Best Value

Enterprise Edition

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Multi-Org Vaults, 100% Customization, Developer Support & more.

Edition Feature Comparison

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It is our goal to ensure that every customer has the right features to meet their organization or industry needs.

We offer a pre-configured Test Drive that you can try now, or you can fill out a brief set of Interview Questions and we’ll send you our recommendations. Of course, our experts are always excited to engage with you by scheduling a live demonstration that will best suit your needs.